Garden Share

Here’s why gardening is good for the soul:

It teaches you to care for other beings than yourself.

It reminds you what you sow, so shall you reap.

It shows you incredible things take time.

With spring around the corner & the Spring Solstice coming up, I figure it is the PERFECT time to share my garden from last year & my adventures planting seeds & harvesting . It was a really rewarding experience. I loved every minute of it & can't wait to sow my new seeds this weekend!

Since it was my first time gardening, I literally had no idea what I was doing & took it one day at a time. I was pleasantly surprised when my seeds even germinated to begin with. Turns out I have a green thumb & I didn't even know it! (I mean, who's surprised? It just takes compassion & nurturing. You have it in you too!) Just give it a shot.

Here are a few quick shares as you embark on your own special garden.

You can't save every plant and expect every seed to to make it through the season. From your batch, some will die & that's the not-so-fun part. My heart broke a little bit every time one of my little sprouts didn't make it through some wind or high suns. It's part of the process. You let go of the ones that didn't make it & focus on the ones that will.

I got my seeds from Dollarama. I got my soil & pots from there too. Once your seeds germinate, transfer each plant to a much bigger pot (size depends on plant). Don't forget to first loosen all the soil from the roots before you move it over.

If you don't label your pots, once things start to germinate, you won't know what you're growing until it gets much bigger. So make sure you label the pots with whatever seeds you put in!

Tomatoes are probably the easiest to start with. Don't bother with the big vegetables if you don't have space. I didn't think that one through & didn't have enough soil to offer cantaloupe on my small downtown Toronto balcony.

If you want your plants to grow & bear fruits you'll have to treat them like your children/pets with l o v e. Water them daily. You can't get lazy with that ish & skip any days. It won't work.

Goodluck & know that gardening is FUN, CHEAP & SUSTAINABLE! Okay I'm off to do some planting now!

Love & light,


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