2019 Start

A Letter from The Editor:

Here’s how I’m getting through winter in often -16 C (-30 C with windchill) weather: All the yoga. Groceries. Diffuser. Shea Butter. Chasing sunlight during work from home hours. Water. More Water. Vitamin C. Early mornings to catch more of the day. Matcha tea. More water.

This month's inspiring topics:


You're as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you. People who love like you do. People who share similar drive & attitude.

We reflect what others reflect upon us. Watch what others are reflecting upon you. Watch how you reflect it back to other people all-together. Negativity is contagious.

The words you speak. The actions you serve. These are not very far from those of the people you spend time in your day with.

Your people can make you. Your people can also break you. Notice. Accept. Control.

Choose your people wisely. Free yourself of those who don’t align with whom you are, what you stand for, as a person. Step up to accepting only the finest company. The kind of company that keeps you building towards your set intentions.


Like seriously. Stop. Pause. Blink. Look around you. Is everyone on their screens too? Yup. This is who we are. This is what we have become as a species.

We have evolved to holding immense heights of addiction to devices. We have wandered so far from human interaction. Basic, eye-to-eye contact. Observing through our other senses. Reading moods & feeling emotions. It’s lacking in society.

We are becoming more disconnected to the energies running within ourselves & everyone around us & more connected to the energies within our power adapters to charge up our battery devices up.

Have you thought about what this is doing to your posture? The human head weighs roughly 10 -11 pounds (4.5 to 5 kg). You are essentially drawing your chin & nose forward, or maybe dropping your head down to look at your hands.

Daily. For hours a day.

This enables your body to form fascial tissues around your neck & shoulders. In those fascial tissues you hold unnecessary, built-up stress. It makes it harder for your body to maintain that free flow of nutrients & other elements necessary for overall processes, health & functionality.

Thus, poor posture also directly affects the flow of e n e r g y in your body. Specifically, the channel bringing energy from the heart, to the throat, to the forehead & ultimately the crown of your head. To some, these energetic points in the body are known as the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th chakras respectively. Align your posture & you're one step closer to aligning your chakras.

Try this quick posture correction right now: Inahle. Lift the heart & chest to the sky as you breathe in. Squeeze shoulder blades together as you hold the breath at the top of your lungs. Exhale. Pull your shoulders down & observe your taller spine & more active core. This is where we should be.

Notice. In your day to day.

Next time you hop into an uber with your friend – notice if your head is down.

Next time you a friend is cutting a birthday cake - notice if you are viewing it in real-time with your eyes or on a screen capturing it.

Next time you are travelling – notice if you are trading off soaking in your surroundings for screen-time.

Those in-between moments are when you listen.

When you observe.

When you question.

When you find something more within yourself or those around you – a lesson maybe, a new perspective – basically something that a news article, song, instagram video, text message, or self-note can offer.

Get into those under-layers. There's more. Get out of the surface level. Go deep.

Get out of your screen.

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