A Letter from The Editor (December 2018)

A Letter From the Editor:

Ask me where this month flew by & I will tell you I’ve been swimming in my usual Serve Yoga grind, a lot of family time… and yes, The Caribbean Sea. I’m always home for the holidays. A really special time I never take for granted. I blinked & it’s suddenly end of the month, end of the year.

Yet I don’t believe in this illusion of year-end deadlines we give ourselves. We get lost in the pressures of ‘what will be’ & forget the essence of optimizing the present in this process. Ask yourself why you burden yourself with such woes – there’s enough of those to go around anyways. There’s no point.

My last letter touched on relationships & those thoughts compelled me to dig a little deeper on what a successful relationship might look like. While self-love starts with you & ends with you, I also believe it is the foundation of any relationship in your life. So for December, I think it’s imperative to talk about self-love.


I don’t think you can truly love another person if you haven’t learned to love yourself first. I don't think you can appreciate your loved ones if you haven't learned to appreciate yourself first. I don't think you can treat others with respect & value if you haven't learned self-respect & self-worth first.

Yes, your capacity to care for your people is only as good as your capacity to care for yourself.

Have you thought about what you are looking for in your significant other? Validation? Someone to brighten up your day-to-day? Or, someone to share the beauties (& pitfalls) of your day-to-day? Find somebody who complements you instead of completes you. And the only way that’s possible is if you feel complete independently.

If you’re looking for a shared life with your partner, you need to have your OWN life to share first. You need to know who you are as a person to safely give your time, & energy – to someone else. Self-love teaches you to be you, fully, & then impart that person you’ve found onto someone else.

Do you know what you stand for, independent of your partner? Do you know what drives you & inspires you... separate of your partner? You really have to love yourself fully before you love somebody else truly. I believe it’s the healthiest approach – otherwise you’re just feeding a toxic, unhealthy cycle of seeking validation in an external source that will never fully be in your control or imperishable reach.

Stop expecting others to keep you energetically topped up & start tapping into your own unbound potential. You owe it to yourself.

At Serve Yoga we work to fill our own cups, from the bottom up, starting with self-care & self-acceptance. Remember: How you hold others is ultimately reflection of how you hold yourself & as a result, how others perceive you will always stem from how you view yourself first. It's your beginning & your end. One of the many ways to find #self-love? Show up to your mat.

I came across this video & definitely think it’s worth a watch.


The Environment

Take a big Inhale. Take a big exhale. I have accepted I may see the end of the world in my lifetime - call it an apocalypse or a revolution... it's coming. I foresee that our use of fossil fuels will become obsolete & the production of plastic will be something of the past... that's if we make the necessary changes in time.

Our planet as we currently know it will not sustain. No, scratch that – humanity as we currently know it will not sustain. We’ve brought ourselves here… and our daily decisions are only digging our grave deeper. I hope with the arrival of 2019 you question your mundane habits on a deeper level.

I’ve pulled some of the most pressing facts together for your review & consideration, mainly drawn from the UN Climate Change Report of October 2018:

"The U.N.'s latest report put together by over 90 authors and editors from over 40 countries is probably the starkest, most dire warning yet about the severity of climate change and the cost of inaction.

The report says that, unless the world immediately begins reducing the burning of coal and oil and gas that drive up global temperatures, the world will suffer tremendous consequences. By as early as 2040, just 22 years from now, the U.N. says global food supplies will be threatened by increasing droughts and heat waves.

Low-lying nations could be flooded by rising sea levels, potentially triggering huge flows of refugees. Fierce storms and wildfires will grow in intensity, costing billions in damages and lives lost." (PBS)

There is a frustrating amount of apathy. It's time to stop running away from the truth and taking what matters we can into our own hands.

Let's go back to what we've learned in elementary school - shall we? REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. It's a start. I'll be sharing ways to make a more profound impact combating climate change. I have hope - but it'll take a revolution & it starts with you, a Serve Yoga reader... taking this all in. Keep an eye out.

Love & Light,


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