I know a few of you will appreciate this recipe so had to share! I used to make this meal all the time when I lived in L.A.

A seriously good & seriously easy-to-make vegan dish complete with all the heat I need to stay warm through the Fall & Winter seasons here in Toronto. Find flavours of ginger, fresh chillies & curry powder tempered with tomatoes & lemon to carry you through these colder evenings.

My favorite parts? It’s protein-packed - always great after a Serve Yoga teaching day. The foundation is versatile so you can get creative with whatever vegetables you have in your kitchen. (I promise I play Chopped every day of my life.) This is a wholesome & rewarding prepped meal to wind-up your day with. Give this delicious dish a go & please leave feedback!


  1. Olive Oil (4 teaspoons)

  2. Himalayan Pink Salt (to taste)

  3. Fresh Ginger (2 teaspoons, chopped)

  4. Fresh Garlic (1 teaspoon, chopped)

  5. Fresh Chilli (2 teaspoons, chopped)

  6. Curry Powder (1-2 heaped teaspoons, depending on quality)

  7. White Quinoa (2 cups, prepared)

  8. Firm Tofu (1 ¾ cups, chopped)

  9. Carrot (1/3 cup, chopped)

  10. Tomatoes (2/3 cup, chopped)

  11. Lemon Zest (2-3 teaspoons)

  12. Mixed Veggies of your choice (1 ½ cup)

  13. I recommend in this order: zucchini, sweet peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli. I usually just use zucchini + sweet peppers or + mushrooms.

  14. Cilantro (to garnish, optional)


Put your quinoa to boil. I use the 2 cups of liquid for every 1 cup of quinoa. You may use red quinoa combined with white quinoa. I have yet to try it with just red quinoa but I’m sure it’s yum!

Add olive oil, ginger, garlic & chilli to a heated pan. I like to make sure the oil is hot first, then turn the stove gas to low & add the veggies. I sauté it off the gas for a moment before putting the pan back to the low heat.

Add the carrots to the pan. Let them cook. While the carrots cook, cook your tofu in a separate pan till the cube edges are slightly brown.

Add the additional veggies in with the carrots & let them cook a bit before adding the cooked tofu in with everything else.

Add some Himalayan salt to everything for taste (perhaps every time you add something new to your pan). Add your curry powder & mix well.

Add the chopped tomato & lemon juice. Mix well. Check for taste.

Finally, add the quinoa & mix everything!

I had some cilantro on hand this time & decided to toss it on – it went well.

ENJOY & pass on! I have more Serve Vegan recipes for you, so keep an eye out!

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