Singing for the Throat Chakra: Truth, Self-Expression & Clear Communication

Over two years ago, during the first week I moved to Melbourne, Australia, I lived in a mainly Jewish suburb called Caulfield. I roamed the foreign streets looking for the neighborhood grocer when I spotted a chalk sign outside of this bohemian corner store. The sign said, “FREE Chakra Balancing.”

I’ve always been interested in chakras, natural healing practices, the mysteries of astrology & the unknown depth of the spiritual world. But I’ll be honest, I was looking for bigger answers during this new journey of my life and I was a student on a serious budget. So yes, my grocery shopping could wait. I skipped into the store & eagerly asked about the session. Within 15 minutes, I was lying down on a sofa with candles lit everywhere. This angelic woman stood over me, stared into my eyes & probed me about any questions or intentions I had before she started to balance my energies.

Before I get into which chakra of mine needed clearing - Chakras are energy centers in our bodies where energy flows through. There are seven points of energies that specialists say should be to be open to ensure balance in the systems of the body. Often, our emotional imbalances (stemmed from life experiences) cause the blockages & consequently result in the surfacing of physical ailments.

Your 7 Chakras are: Crown, Third eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. Mindbodygreen shares a great post on the 7 Chakras for Beginners.

My throat chakra needed to be cleared. Still, two years later this still yields to be true for me. This chakra is connected to our ability to clearly communicate. Clear communication starts with a strong understanding of self, the world and the confidence to speak up & tell the truth.

It was a no brainer why it was blocked... the more I dissected situations in my life where I couldn't communicate clearly & truthfully - the more I realised how much my inability to speak up affected my life negatively.

Singing is my favourite throat healing exercise. How much do we sing? I believe many of us don't sing as much as we should. Sing in the shower, sing with your friends & sing on your walk home. When I first started singing openly, I felt silly but I gradually felt more confident. I saw my confidence spill over into other areas of self-expression.

Other healing exercises that I started practicing are screaming, listening to others mindfully & breathing into my stomach. I highly suggest screaming outside in an open space. Here in Stockholm, Sweden, every night at 10pm students scream outside their window. I joined in and let me tell you, it is liberating.

I believe the pursuits of clear communication & speaking the truth, no matter how hard, are the best ways to clear that throat chakra. The more you are honest about who you are & what you know, the easier it is to speak up & be honest with others.

And so, I write this Serve Yoga post to tell you... No one said clearing your throat would be easy, but - ah-hem - I promise it’ll be worth it.

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