Vegan Victories: Café Santropol

First things first: The SPACE! So beautiful. A hidden sanctuary in Montreal. With an open patio, immerse yourself in a green oasis complete with a small pond in the middle. This spot is buzzing at 7pm on a Monday. With an extensive menu for the herbivores & not-so-herbivores alike, it is clear why Café Santropol is a popular local choice in Le Plateau. It reminds me of an iconic spot in the Caribbean island St. Maarten called Kangaroo Court. This space was slightly bigger with a natural canopy created of trees & plants to create shade over the patio. Café Santropol has indoor seating & bar seating as well. Heads up, the day I went - service was a tad bit slow.

Find a wide selection of teas, coffees & juices. Grabbing lunch or dinner? They have sandwiches, salads & soups. I got a salad & this bomb vegan cheesecake. (featured). It was phenomenal! SO creamy & that blueberry compote on top… was everything. I was impressed with the presentation & also the sound use of nuts such as pecans & macadamia nuts in their recipes. The almond-coconut chai latte was superb. But none of this should be a surprise – Montreal is a food capital of the world & in fact a beautiful mix of global influence, reflected in the flavors you taste throughout the city. The French have always done food right & the profound heritage speaks in this city’s food.

If you are vegan yogi & looking to explore a new city – Montreal overall is a great choice. If you are at home reading this & no where near Montreal – try this cheesecake recipe to satisfy that craving. Courtesy of Minimalist Baker. According to her there are only five ingredients required. “Next up, the 5-ingredient filling: Soaked cashews, coconut milk, coconut oil, lemon juice and agave nectar. So good, so creamy, so insanely delicious you’ll want to drink it with a straw.” (Minimalist Baker)

Serve Yoga thinks this time in the kitchen will be worth it. Café Santropol inspired us & we are glad! Stoked to try this recipe next. Thanks for reading!

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