Serve Yoga: Types of Yoga

Find the best Serve Yoga class for your needs.

BEGINNER’S YOGA: Also known as gentle yoga. This is a very foundational series at a slow pace to deeply explore the technical alignment, health benefits & correct breathing of fundamental yoga postures. Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice, this format offers a key take-away every time you show up to your mat. Slow things down with this Serve Yoga class & instead of telling your body what to do, observe & listen to what it has to say.

ALL-LEVELS VINYASA YOGA: Vinyasa means 'to place in a special way'. This style of yoga links breath-to-movement, in one fluid sequence called a ‘vinyasa flow’. A Serve Yoga vinyasa class typically starts with gentle stretching, followed by sun salutations, some optional core work, a balancing series, a deep-stretch wind-down & finally a resting posture called svasana. Variations of postures are offered to make this an all-inclusive, accessible practice.

POWER CORE YOGA: This dynamic & challenging style of yoga pursues to build strength & flexibility hand-in-hand, equally. With a deep emphasis on the power of the abdominals & acute focus on alignment - expect to breathe, sweat & experiment with arm balances and inversions. A slightly faster pace will have you check-out of your week & into your body for an active movement which also rewards your mind & attitude.

RESTORATIVE YOGA: Want to access your parasympathetic nervous system & learn to the calm the part of yourself that is always on edge? Are you recovering from an injury or trauma? Restore your body with this therapeutic Serve Yoga class that explores only a handful of postures at a time, encouraging you to fully surrender to the comforting support of yoga props & enter a tranquil state. Notice the changes in your life with a newfound awareness of your restorative nature, now within arm’s reach.

YIN YOGA: This style of yoga complements active styles of yoga & any high-intensity fitness activities in your life. It is a sequence of passive postures to create space within the deep connective & facial tissues of your body located close to the bones & joints. Expect to cultivate a profound connection with your breath & hold postures for upwards of 5 minutes. The longer holds train the mind to ignore distractions & compel the body to surrender to gravity, thereby accessing the most intense of stretches to regulate the flow of energy in your body.

CHAIR YOGA: Perfect for students of injury or of less body mobility. This Serve Yoga class employs the widest range of breathing techniques to discover new ways the body moves, even within limitations. Learn to accept any body's restrictions & explore your body’s fullest potential through a series of seated postures using the support of a chair. Class starts with a mindful meditation themed around an intention & then develops into the practice of modified stretches. Find the best version of yourself with newfound joint mobility & enhanced ranges of motion.

PRE & POST-NATAL YOGA: Connect with your evolving body in this Serve Yoga class. Conquer any self-doubt with this compassionate practice, focused on self-love, mindful-movement & careful breath work. Combat stress as you let go of emotional & physical tension, one exhale at a time preparing you for labor & recovery. Draw awareness to the specific muscle groups that change throughout your pregnancy & find improved circulation & movement in these areas. Set deep intentions for your practice, your new chapter in life & your baby.

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