Getting Oily With It: The Top 5 Versatile Essential Oils

My friend, a passionate dietician, Amanda Moon recently invited me to a workshop on the versatility of essential oils. Before attending this workshop, I knew some benefits of swapping chemically enriched body care products & household products to natural products, but I hadn’t realized, until now... how easy, beneficial & cheap it is to blend certain oils into my daily care routine.

Essential oils are simply oils extracted from a plant. An oil is "essential" in the sense that it contains the "essence of" the plant's fragrance. Highly potent & aromatic, there are over 3,000 varieties of these volatile compounds. The oils have been long used in food preparation, beauty treatment, household products & health care practices.

Did you know the term essential oil was first derived from the original term quintessential oil? Quientessence, an Aristotelian idea, was then defined as spirit and can be related to the concept of “removing the spirit of a plant” – How intriguing!

If you’re looking to start using essential oils, Serve Yoga notes the top 5 oils that are highly adaptable & can reap major holistic benefits.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Origin: Australia

Benefits: Treatment of acne, dry scalp, bacterial/fungal & viral infections.

4 drops of tea tree oil in a dollop of your dandruff shampoo to help with itchy scalp & stubborn dandruff

2. Sweet Orange Oil

Origin: China Benefits: Eliminates toxins in the body, aids with digestion, sore muscles & is an antidepressant DIY: Who needs caffeine? Boost your energy with 2 drops of orange oil with equal amounts peppermint oil & rub on the back of your neck!

3. Frankincense Oil Origin: Ethiopia, Somalia, Oman & Yemen Benefits: Boost immune system, fights cancer cells & chemotherapy side effects; Astringent DIY: Immune boosting tea: Add 2 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to a cup of boiling water & add honey to sweeten

4. Lavender Oil Origin: France Benefits: Sleep induction, along with anxiety, muscle & pain relief

Sleep tight with a few drops of lavender oil on cotton balls & then slip them into your pillowcase

5. Lemon Oil

Origin: India Benefits: Improvement of concentration, sanitizer, refreshing additive in food & juices

Remove ink, dirt and grease stains with a few drops of lemon oil, wait for it to soak & wash

regularly in your laundry

By: Tanvi Goklani

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