Oat Milk Latte: Coffee Done Right

Serve Yoga is hopping on this new fad: The Oat Milk Latte. Oat milk is made with presoaked oat groats (hulled grains broken into fragments), which are blended & later strained with a cheesecloth or special nut milk bag. The resulting texture of oat milk is thick enough to support intricate latte art, the kind often not expected by vegan milks.

Not only does oat milk have a much fuller texture than other alternative milks, it is also sweet, grainy & a little grassy. For this reason, oat milk is a delicious vegan alternative to conventional dairy milks & a fantastic milk choice for your coffee.

Oat milk is also quite nutritious:

  • More Calcium: Oat milk contains more calcium in one serving than regular cow's milk. Oat milk contains 36 percent of the RDA for calcium, while one serving of whole milk contains 28 percent.

  • More Vitamins: Oat milk also contains 10 percent of the RDA for vitamin A, which is twice as much as cow's milk. It also contains vitamin B12 & riboflavin. (fortified)

  • Naturally Sweet: Oat milk is free of additional sugars.

Coffee Connoisseur & Intelligenstsia CEO James McLaughlin explains, “What we’re looking for in an alternative milk is something that will still carry a creaminess, richness and depth of flavor without adding new undesirable flavors. Oatly [brand of oat milk] is like a blank canvas. It lets the coffee or tea shine through, carries it with a creamy body, but isn’t overly oaty.”

And that, Serve Yoga readers, is why we opt for oat milk every.single.time.


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