Moon What?!... Moon Cups save Mother Earth.

Although widely known as a moon cup, moon cup is actually a brand but the cup itself is simply called a menstrual cup. I first heard about the cup amongst women who swear by it and said it changed their lives. Then, I saw it on my Airbnb host’s bathroom sink and thought wow, this is actually a thing! I have to admit, the idea of not having to buy tampons and pads over and over again sold it to me, but there are other wins tied to switching over.

Okay, so what is it really?

A menstrual cup is a silicon plunger shaped cup that is inserted into the vagina in replacement of a tampon or pad during a woman’s period. The cup collects the blood and then is removed and emptied.

What’s the big Hoo-ra?

  1. Moon cups are reusable: That means they’re good for the environment! No more throwing away tampons and pads; moon cups are washed and used over and over, period after period. Pat on the back for helping out planet earth!

  2. Moon cups are good for your vagina: Did you know tampons are filled with toxins and chemicals? Tampons also soak up natural juices disrupting your ph balance, among many other things. With a moon cup, you eliminate those risks! Because moon cups are silicon, medical-grade, they are natural.

  3. Moon cups save you money: A box of tampons or pads cost anywhere around $5-$8, multiply that by 12 and by the rest of your life! Cups cost around $50 or less. It may seem steep at first, but it saves you a ton of money in the long run. Extra cash means more yoga pants.

Moon cups are available in two sizes, A for women over the age of 30 and B for women under the age of 30. Sorry ladies, apparently child labor or not, your vagina does start to get loose after the age of 30. Also, many women wonder if the cup leaks, but evidently not! You must fold the cup in half when inserting, let it pop into place & your vagina molds the cup. The cup can be left in for up to 8 hours, or depending how frequently you’d like to empty it. It also can be left in while you are sleeping.

I hope the many benefits will inspire you to give the cup a go. Oh, and if you do leak the first time around, or splatter & spill blood while removing the cup – stay patient and don’t lose hope.

By Tanvi Goklani

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