Kombucha: kômˈbo͞oCHə

Kombucha is a refreshing, crisp elixir that bubbles effervescently down your throat. I crave it the most on hot days and even hungover days; it’s also a great substitute for water if you need a little flavor kick.

Kombucha is filled with probiotics and other intensive loving nutrients, but what’s not to be missed is the art of making kombucha. You don’t need fancy machines; the process is easy, fun creative & the best part is... it can be made at home.

Kombucha is made by introducing a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) into brewed black or green tea, and sugar. SCOBY is the mastermind of the process, it converts the sweet tea into the fizzy kombucha. The mix is then left to ferment for a week to a month.

Once the fermentation process is completed, what’s left is a fizzy concoction that varies from sweet to vinegary – depending on how it ferments.

Now, here is where it gets creative. Fruit, spices and herbs can be added during a second round of fermentation for additional flavor. Pineapple, ginger, apple, strawberry…the list goes on. It's not hard to develop a slight addiction to kombucha – heck, I'm drinking a bottle of green apple Kombucha right now!

Check out your organic store for local kombucha brands, or Serve Yoga challenges you to have a go at making it yourself. Here’s Lisa Lov ‘s video on how to make kombucha. Lisa Lov is a chef at a sustainable restaurant – Relae – in Denmark.

Happy kômˈbo͞oCHə-ing!

By, Tanvi Goklani

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