Magic Mullein

With a honey-like aroma and hairy texture, the Mullein herb grows around the world & brings holistic uses & benefits that have been dated back to the early 18th Century.

​ Traditionally the Mullein plant was cultivated for medicine, pesticides & religious uses. Till today, Mullein is made into herbal tea, brewing the benefits of vitamin B2, B5, B12 & D. Each cup of Mullein tea can: 1. Treat colds and breathing problems: Mullein tea is a powerful chest decongestant & helps release thick mucus. The tea also brings relief from chronic coughs & inflamed trachea. Mullein tea helps with annoying allergies & fights off pneumonia. 2. Fight digestion complications If you suffer from a re-occouring tummy ache, Mullein tea can help strengthen your digestive system, preventing future tummy troubles. Calm cramps, and counteract diarrhea or constipation with a cup too! 3. Provide calming effects Did you know Mullein tea has narcotic and sedative properties? If you’re nervous, anxious, or can’t get to bed – Mullein will do the trick. 4. Detoxify your body Mullein tea cleanses the blood & improve circulation. If you’re fighting off an infection, Mullein can boost your immune system! 5. Aid with external issues It’s said a Mullein infusion can help soothe acne, eczema & rashes. And if you’re blonde, use the tea as a rinse to help brighten your hair! Who knew?!

By, Tanvi Goklani

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