Find Your 'Strong Practice' in 4-Steps

1) Stop comparing: Stop comparing yourself to others in the studio. Seriously, just stop. You can be inspired by whoever yogi you think is the most experienced in the room & better yet even pick up new tips & techniques. But please, leave judgment/self-comparison off your mat. Know that your strong practice on one particular day will look nothing like any body else’s in the room. We are not all apples! You are u n i q u e. Your body, background/experience in mindfulness/fitness, mood - all contribute to a very un-replicable practice. Once you realize your practice is yours and yours only, you can begin to own it. What you feed, grows. By constantly directing your awareness & attenti

A Letter from The Editor (December 2018)

A Letter From the Editor: Ask me where this month flew by & I will tell you I’ve been swimming in my usual Serve Yoga grind, a lot of family time… and yes, The Caribbean Sea. I’m always home for the holidays. A really special time I never take for granted. I blinked & it’s suddenly end of the month, end of the year. Yet I don’t believe in this illusion of year-end deadlines we give ourselves. We get lost in the pressures of ‘what will be’ & forget the essence of optimizing the present in this process. Ask yourself why you burden yourself with such woes – there’s enough of those to go around anyways. There’s no point. My last letter touched on relationships & those thoughts compelled me to di

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