A Letter from The Editor (November 2018)

A Letter from The Editor: Founder, Lead Instructor, Editor… Serve Yoga puts me behind it all. I aim to share my favorite topics in this letter in the hope it brings some fresh, always real, perspective to your feed. Here are my wise words on Veganism, Relationships and Happiness & Success for November. Veganism: YES, I finally gave up dairy! After a lifetime of being vegetarian (I have never tried meat) & loving my gouda cheese & paneer (I’m the East Indian who grew up on the West Indian island)… I did it. It has been 7-weeks & overall – fact is, it’s what you make of it. I take it one day at a time. It is a change I have always wanted to make but time & time again wrote it off as too big a


I know a few of you will appreciate this recipe so had to share! I used to make this meal all the time when I lived in L.A. A seriously good & seriously easy-to-make vegan dish complete with all the heat I need to stay warm through the Fall & Winter seasons here in Toronto. Find flavours of ginger, fresh chillies & curry powder tempered with tomatoes & lemon to carry you through these colder evenings. My favorite parts? It’s protein-packed - always great after a Serve Yoga teaching day. The foundation is versatile so you can get creative with whatever vegetables you have in your kitchen. (I promise I play Chopped every day of my life.) This is a wholesome & rewarding prepped meal to wind-up

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