Can we all just compost?

I currently live in a tiny cabin in the forests of Sweden, a five minute walk down to the fjord of the Baltic Sea. There is an abundance of apple, pear & plum trees in my backyard. My backyard is a gateway to the forests, where I spent my last Sunday afternoon blueberry picking. I even have pets – wild deer! It’s truly amazing to live amongst a natural ecosystem, and the community here really takes pride in treating the land with conscious care. As I was moving into my new place, my host highlighted where the composting bag was, and I was keen to start composting. I have heard of friends of friends composting at their homes, but never actually delved into the idea of composting, or practice

Hurricane Irma: A Reflection, Lessons & The Birth of Serve Yoga

IRMA: A 365-Day Reflection since September 6th, 2017 Here’s how I wrote this post: First, for myself as a reminder of this journey. Then, edited for your read. We all keep a little bit to ourselves. This is a reflection of my journey… a moment to pause & honor the 365-day Anniversary of Irma’s passing over my proud island & home, St. Maarten. Irma: The strongest storm on record to exist in the open Atlantic region; A hurricane that brought sustained winds of 185 miles/hour & rains along with extreme flooding. St. Maarten/St.-Martin: A 37-square mile island where two nations – Dutch & French reside peacefully; An island of beautiful culture, heritage & people. I write this today, September 6

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