Singing for the Throat Chakra: Truth, Self-Expression & Clear Communication

Over two years ago, during the first week I moved to Melbourne, Australia, I lived in a mainly Jewish suburb called Caulfield. I roamed the foreign streets looking for the neighborhood grocer when I spotted a chalk sign outside of this bohemian corner store. The sign said, “FREE Chakra Balancing.” I’ve always been interested in chakras, natural healing practices, the mysteries of astrology & the unknown depth of the spiritual world. But I’ll be honest, I was looking for bigger answers during this new journey of my life and I was a student on a serious budget. So yes, my grocery shopping could wait. I skipped into the store & eagerly asked about the session. Within 15 minutes, I was lying dow

Is Maca a Superfood?

The magic of maca is no secret – it has been known for its invigorating, nutritional & hormone balancing properties for years. Traditionally, the maca root was used by natives in regions such as Junin & Pasco of Peru as an energy-booster, as oxygen is more scarce in these very high elevations. The natives noticed when their animals grazed on Maca they would become much healthier & stronger and would tend to copulate more and have a much higher fertility rate. Today you’ll find maca on supermarket shelves or as take-out at your favorite health food joint. It has recently become very prevalent in a commercial sense, available dried for consumption in powder form, or in capsules, or as liquid e

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