Vegan Victories: Café Santropol

First things first: The SPACE! So beautiful. A hidden sanctuary in Montreal. With an open patio, immerse yourself in a green oasis complete with a small pond in the middle. This spot is buzzing at 7pm on a Monday. With an extensive menu for the herbivores & not-so-herbivores alike, it is clear why Café Santropol is a popular local choice in Le Plateau. It reminds me of an iconic spot in the Caribbean island St. Maarten called Kangaroo Court. This space was slightly bigger with a natural canopy created of trees & plants to create shade over the patio. Café Santropol has indoor seating & bar seating as well. Heads up, the day I went - service was a tad bit slow. Find a wide selection of teas,

Serve Yoga: Types of Yoga

Find the best Serve Yoga class for your needs. BEGINNER’S YOGA: Also known as gentle yoga. This is a very foundational series at a slow pace to deeply explore the technical alignment, health benefits & correct breathing of fundamental yoga postures. Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice, this format offers a key take-away every time you show up to your mat. Slow things down with this Serve Yoga class & instead of telling your body what to do, observe & listen to what it has to say. ALL-LEVELS VINYASA YOGA: Vinyasa means 'to place in a special way'. This style of yoga links breath-to-movement, in one fluid sequence called a ‘vinyasa flow’. A Serve Yoga vinyasa class typic

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